Small Business/New Business

calculator-178164_1280 We love working with those who are passionate about the unique challenges and opportunities that come with running and opening their own businesses.    At The Beddingfield Law Firm, we are excited to partner with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them navigate the path to developing a successful enterprise.

Business owners are among the most intelligent and hard working members of our community.   However, while they are extremely skilled in their area of expertise, they do not always have the knowledge or the  time to address the many legal issues that come with operating a business.  This is where The Beddingfield Law Firm’s opportunity to service needs business owners comes in.  By providing the advice and direction that would be provided by “in house” counsel of large companies and corporations, we are able to allow the business owner to concentrate their efforts where it needs to be, the development of their business with the confidence that legal matters are being addressed.  These “risk takers” are those that have the courage to pursue their dreams, and we truly enjoy being a part of their pursuit.


The Beddingfield Law firm provides assistance  with:

  • Business formation: what form should your business take? Partnerships, Corporations, LLCs and other legal entities provide different benefits and considerations.
  • Compliance with State and Federal regulations including the Affordable Care Act.
  • HR Concerns, including the development and implementation of employee policies and hiring and termination concerns.
  • Dispute resolution with customers, suppliers or other businesses including collection of past due accounts, contract review and creation and other transactional needs.

Don’t handle these complex issues without competent legal counsel.  The Beddingfield Law Firm offers cost effective plans to meet your needs.  Our plans involve an initial fee to audit your current practices or to develop your initial formation to ensure that whether you are just starting or continuing your efforts, your future can be embarked on with confidence.  After the initial fee, a small monthly retainer provides unlimited access to an attorney to answer  routine questions and concerns as the come up in the operation of your business.  As a client under our business service plan, your business will also receive preferential representation at a reduced rate for more complex issues and litigation services.  Plan prices are based on the size of your business to provide a cost-effective solution whether you have zero or any number of employees.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.  We are invested in the success of our business clients  and would love the opportunity to serve your business as well.