rentRenting out property can be a good way to generate income.  However, it can also source of frustration.  Even with the most thorough  application process, references and background checks, tenants don’t always fulfill their obligations or treat your property with the respect you would hope for.

The Beddingfield Law Firm can help you to minimize the frustration.  While problems associated with renting properties cannot be eliminated entirely, proper documentation and procedures can go a long way to minimize occurrences or at least ensure that you are on proper legal footing when problems do arise.

Let The Beddingfield Law Firm help you with:

  • The drafting of lease agreements that comply with applicable laws and protect your rights
  • Putting procedures in place to handle situations such as non-payment of rent, violation of the terms of the lease and eviction of tenants
  • Eviction and restoration to possession of property
  • Collection of unpaid rent and other damages.

Don’t take chances with your property or waste your valuable time by failing to seek legal advice.  Contact us today to set up an appointment to address your specific needs.